Fruit Notes against Twos: Which is the Finest Mention-Providing App for your requirements?

I’ve info to keep track of please remember than simply ever while never know when you’ll want to revisit or express some of the something you caught.

It indicates it is essential to favor an application which is small enough to have fun with on a daily basis and you can planned sufficient to look for please remember all the info you have written down in the future.

Fruit Notes and Twos are a couple of quick, simple, and you may active systems having writng down things, however, that’s right for you?

It comes down pre-strung throughout the Apple ecosystem features simple formatting, dining tables, checklists, and you may a flush structure (if you don’t attention along with red-colored).

Twos are a more recent mention-providing system, has just named one of the best 5 the fresh note-taking software while making surf when you look at the 2023, but Twos in addition to combines some of the most other applications on the Fruit ecosystem (Diary, Reminders, Cards, and soon Log), in one, effortless program.

Twos now offers a simple note-bringing experience along with activity administration, diary combination, auto-date identification having reminders, directories, journaling, and you can AI, whilst being totally free and you can offered into the systems even Android, websites, Windows, and you may Linux.

Things are the fresh new, book technology for the Twos particularly designed for short get and easy organization of every piece of pointers throughout the twenty four hours, i.e. a concept, a role, a birthday celebration, a reminder, a dream, … something.

You don’t have to initiate a different note for each procedure we need to think of, therefore not any longer writing some thing regarding the label of a note without so much more arbitrary notes cluttering up-and sidetracking you from their more important cards.

Twos keeps months

Twos remedies which having weeks. 24 hours is actually a different sort of, fresh listing for every single day of your daily life. Days leave you a flush and you will prepared cure for write ytterligare läsning and remember people thing you have got in your thoughts.

These may end up being enjoy, employment, requirements, and you can reflections. Anything you need to quickly write-down on the move ahead of you forget so you can review and remember him or her later.

Just do days into the Twos enables you to simply take as the of many arbitrary thoughts, journals, and reflections due to the fact you’d like every single day, nevertheless the next day you can have a brand new destination to produce some thing off.

Twos spends artificial cleverness in order to automobile-select reminders (we.elizabeth. “Tom’s birthday celebration” do set an annual continual indication, otherwise “Restaurants in the 6pm towards the Thursday” create lay an indication for supper towards the Thursday at 6pm) and you will Twos brings together along with your diary (Apple, Yahoo, and you may Outlook), in order to have a look at the events, add the newest occurrences into calendar, and you can join conferences which have a single simply click.

Twos likewise has a good “Memories” ability, which enables one to review previous days and you will lists you’ve created to remember stuff you probably did last year, 24 months in the past, and you can past.

Folders against Listings

Files involve some constraints to them, i.elizabeth. an email could only can be found in a single folder, whenever you are weeks and lists when you look at the Twos will be nested in to the any number of most other listings. Twos accomplishes this which have sublists, which happen to be listings nested inside of other listings.

Every day is also a listing, in order to plan and you can song the things you’ve done otherwise want to to complete on 24 hours, but you can plus circulate and you may organize related one thing to your certain lists, i.elizabeth. meeting cards, to-2, this week, investment cards, and you will details about a pal or companion. This makes it much faster to recapture something before you forget about them and after that you normally “move” these items toward right list, in the place of needing to discover the Mention you are interested in prior to composing him or her down.

One another networks assistance writing things down with your Apple Pen towards the apple ipad, even though Fruit Cards does support canvases and more drawing options.

Twos also has a beneficial Chrome expansion allowing you to get a great connect otherwise writing things down whenever you are planning the web.

This new the means to access part of Twos beyond Apple is a major selling point for those who play with Windows or Linux hosts at functions or for individuals with an android os tool or possess a partner that have an android os equipment.

Revealing and you can working together is much simpler into Twos once the listing can be become distributed to a universal hook up accessible on one product and you can internet browser, and you can doesn’t require you to yourself add the someone you want to talk about a note which have.

The final difference in Twos is the capacity to share lists and you can topic with other people try Twos World. Twos Globe was a spot to display, find, and save yourself after-personal data. It is a completely the fresh sharing experience starting higher connections within one thing you are to begin with capturing individually.


Twos possesses a few premium have to your the cellular app, nonetheless they are available having gold coins in fact it is made if you find yourself learning and exploring the software.


Both are on smoother end away from note-providing apps, however, since the Twos try another type of experience of writng down things and boasts employment, reminders, and you can diary combination, Apple Notes is the smoother program.


Having days, auto-find reminders, calendar consolidation, themes, AI combination, and much more, Twos enables organize your lifetime in one place.


Twos has a slight advantage having writng down things, instead of Apple Cards in which you’ll need to create an excellent the fresh new mention before you start writing.

We already been my mention-delivering trip which have Fruit Notes and you can over time, they turned unorganized and also turned-off myself out-of writng down things. It failed to feel just like a place I can rapidly jot down not however remain structured.

And additionally, having smoother collaboration and revealing, it is an application you need to use inside so many different hours throughout your lifestyle.

Please tell me if you are using a different program or if you’d like me to contrast Twos with any kind of applications down the road.

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